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Nuru Abegaz 


There are many ways to capture loneliness, fear, and isolation.

Nuru produces abstract forms as well as figures with electric tape. Nuru uses electrical tape on glass, manikin, life human figure, canvas but predominately on paper, creating mixed media works by including oil pastel, acrylic paint or spray paint. During the process depth is created by removing some of the tape, painting over and reapplying tape until reaching the desired result. Nuru also has a gray series which is, intentionally, devoid of color and often set in restricted settings. In these pieces, he seeks to establish a haunting atmosphere and convey, in brutal honesty, intimate moments of loneliness, fear, isolation, and self reflection, devoid of any embellishment. The few objects in the paintings are in an indifferent communication with the figures, amplifying the emotional state the figures project. 


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