Dawit Adnew


art reflects history and it is an important part of people’s culture.

Dawit Adnew was born in Addis Ababa in 1973. After graduation, Dawit worked in a textile factory, located in the northern part of the country, and then returned to Addis to focus on his art. By dedicating himself to his art, Dawit had the opportunity to experiment with new forms and themes in his work and engage with other artists across the city.

Dawit is also a founding member of Netsa Art Village where he experimented with found objects and recycling by making artworks from plastic bottles. He displayed these works in public areas around Addis, making him one of the first artists in to invest in public art.Masks are a common theme of Dawit’s work. Dawit is most interested in the concept of masks and how people represent themselves when interacting with others. Another common theme for Dawit are forms and patterns.

‘Could there be any relationship between art and daily life?’ Dawit Says, ‘I use the harmony of color arrangements and forms to see the thoughts arising from my daily life. Hence, a form placed in its own space gives beauty in harmony with others. That’s why I dramatize by putting them together. For me, my painting are like children’s toys in which I lighten up with the colorful patters’. 



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