Berhan Asmamaw


We crave to see light in every walk of life in our daily lives.

Born and raised in the heart of Addis Ababa, Berhan earned a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in art studies from Addis Ababa University Alle School of Fine Arts and Design in 2004. He also achieved a certificate in art education in from L’Instite Universite de maître de Bretagn France. Before he becomes a full time studio artist he was teaching art education. Berhan’s work has been featured in different solo and group exhibitions in Ethiopia and Europe.

Light, both visual and hidden, is a key theme in Berhan’s work. In Berhan’s words – “The beauty of following the glow is yet to be experienced. After that light pierced the darkness which began as a pinpoint of light, just a speck of light, enough to attract our attention. Anyone in this dark space, anyone of us, if we saw that light and we so desired it, we could all turn and go towards that light.”


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